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A lot of fans have asked me about Widow and why the change from Cameron. As many of you know, I'm a HUGE Reacher fan! I loved writing Cameron! I love Lee as well, but Lee is only an employee of a major publisher. Like any corporation, they will do what's best for their bottom line and sometimes that means hurting the art. That's the harsh reality of any industry or business. Look at Tom Cruise as the choice made to play Reacher in the movies.

I chose not to be their employee. Every time I released a new Cameron book, it was tremendous aches and pains to get approval for it. I can't reach every fan that reads my books, but if you are reading this I hope you know that I value your following very much. I promise Jack Widow will not dissappoint. There are many more books to come out soon. The great qualities about Cameron are still instilled in Jack Widow, but now he's a better hero with a great backstory, more believable skills, and a better age. 

Thank you all for following me. I hope that you like Jack Widow!

​Scott Blade
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Hi all!
I hope that you've had a happy holiday season! I spent thanksgiving in Paris, which I'm not complaining about! 

I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for Foreign & Domestic. I'm sorry for all of the delays. I do apologize once again. Some were the publisher's fault and some my own. It is finally done! I promise! I completed and now it's in the hands of a good editor.

I anticipate a release date of December 18th maybe sooner. I have some more news that I will share after xmas! 

I want to thank each and everyone of you for emailing me and staying patient! 

I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas or just plain old holiday season. Be on the look out from news from me in coming months for a new series and also a Jack Cameron Story that will come out soon as well.

Your friend,
Scott Blade

<![CDATA[one-man army gets the flu!]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2015 13:15:27 GMThttp://scottblade.com/blogged-it/one-man-army-gets-the-fluPicture
Foreign & Domestic is coming!Hi Readers,

A lot of people have emailed me and said "Hey! Where the hell is the new book?!"

I'm sorry for another delay. I promise the dog didn't eat my homework. I got the flu in early October for more than a week. :(  I'm mostly over it now. You know when you get the flu, then everyone in your household gets the flu. My little one got it as well. So it's been a sneezy/ill month. I had to put down work for a while. 

Foreign & Domestic is coming along and will be out soon. I'm in the last act and came up with some new cool stuff to include while I was down with the flu. Also, I had already done a ton of work on two new projects.

The first is a story (not novel) that I will either include in Foreign & Domestic or send you for free for being so cool! 

The second is a new book! I already finished half of it. So it will be along soon as well. 

I will email you directly the day before Foreign & Domestic comes out! 

Thanks So Much for You Loyalty!
Scott Blade 

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Hello Readers!
I'm very sorry about the interruption of my books in July 2015.
The truth is that the book business is like any other—there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. One year ago, I emailed Random House and inquired about getting permission for the Get Jack Reacher series. After a few weeks, someone emailed me from Lee’s camp and said that it was fine with one rule, Jack doesn’t appear doing anything.
I released my book series and followed the rule, but what happened next, no one predicted. Gone Forever went to the top 100 of all books. This success caused Random House to react, as a big corporation does, and they claimed a dispute against my book series. I guess that they dismissed me as an untalented writer. :/ 

Then they denied giving permission and then they retracted it.
Their legal qualms (the only legal leg that they could stand on) came from the book covers (in UK there's some law that says my covers were "too close" to theirs).

After a long period of trying to resolve this with them; I decided to give in to some of their demands. 

The only really change is the use of the name "REACHER" on the book covers.

I gave Cameron a new name with an explanation that his mother wanted to protect him from Jack's enemies. His name is Jack Cameron.

All I've done to the covers is remove the title of the series. It now has two titles: Get Jack Reacher &/or Jack Cameron Novels. Eventually, it will only be Jack Cameron Novels.

However, the books are the same and Cameron is the same (better actually). He still is a Reacher. 
If you’ve read Gone Forever, the only update that you need to know is that instead of Cameron being called Cameron Reacher, his new name is Jack Cameron—still named after his father. His mother protected him from Jack’s enemies, by giving him a different last name. 
Cameron is still out there searching for Reacher.
Nothing else has changed.

Gone Forever and Winter Territory have returned to Kindle. And Foreign & Domestic will be released on October 19th.
Thank you so much for caring and following me! I love each and every one of you! Now, let’s get back to business and see what Cameron does next!
Scott Blade