Name:  Jack Widow 
Born:    November 9
Age:     Late 30s/Early 40s
Measurements: 6’4″, 225 lbs.
Hair:     Black: shaved head – long hair
Eyes:    Blue
First Appearance: Gone Forever
Last Rank: Naval Commander (CDR, O5) in SEAL Teams.

Jack Widow is a man with a deep past–deeper than most. 

Widow is a former elite NCIS agent. He’s the guy who used to go undercover with the US Navy SEAL Teams.

He ran away from home at seventeen, joined the Navy when he could. From there, he went to Annapolis. He was recruited by the NCIS as the first point man for Unit Ten, a highly secret undercover unit that had an agent who was embedded with the Navy SEALs as one of them. 

Widow was the guy who investigated crimes that no one wanted to know about. Sometimes they involved the most dangerous men on earth. 

After someone murdered his sheriff mother, Widow left the service to enjoy some of that freedom that he fought so hard to protect.

Now, he’s a drifter,  just a guy going nowhere-in-particular.

Leaving the service was one thing, but leaving trouble behind is another.