Night Swim: A Jack Widow Novella


Under the cover of night, Widow swims through dangerous waters to rescue an FBI agent from a death sentence.


A blown cover for an FBI agent means faces a death sentence.

Under cover of darkness along the Malibu coast, Widow takes a night swim. It’s meant to be soothing and stress-relieving.

Instead, Widow’s night swim turns deadly with the echo of gunshots over open water. A covert FBI operation is blown apart, leaving only blood in the water and a lone undercover agent exposed to a den of lethal international criminals. From the quiet night swim to a high-stakes criminal party at a mega millionaire’s beach house, Widow faces grave danger to warn her.

Widow, the drifter who stands for justice, emerges from the waves. With literally nothing but his resolve, he faces unbelievable odds. Time is running out, the enemy is within reach, and for Widow, stealth and cunning are his only weapons.

In this pulse-pounding Widow novella, the line between the hunter and the hunted blurs in a deadly game of espionage and survival.